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To kill bacteria, reduce infection and dry up oozing wounds.
Prevent suture break down and stimulate epithelial growth.
Heal wounds, promote collagen growth and orientation – giving a better stronger heal with minimal scarring.
Treat a variety of skin conditions.
Release endorphins and relaxes animals.

Laser therapy  
Ultrasound therapy

Release tight, hard muscles which are in spasm.
Assist the healing of tendons and ligaments, by promoting collagen orientation resulting in a better stronger heal.
Soften scar tissue.
Reduce swelling
Increase joint mobility and disperse excess fluid.
Relieve pain
Drain the lymphatic system.

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy

Repair fractures.
Reduce swelling.
Relieve pain.
Promote good circulation.
Aid wound healing
Maintain movement and comfort in animals with arthritic or degenerative conditions.
Release tight, hard muscles which are in spasm.
Help develop wasted muscle.

Pulsed magnetic  
Manual therapy

Massage Techniques
Range of Movement exercises

After care

Management and nutrition advice
Exercise prescription
Home exercises for owners

After care